iPad FAQ
Which students will receive an iPad?
All Hockinson Middle School and High School students will be issued a district-owned iPad to use during the 2015-2016 school year. Along with the iPad they will also be issued a case and an iPad charger. All issued items will need to be accounted for and in working order at the end of the school year or when a student leaves the district. Students will carry their iPad around with them during the school day and take it home at night and on weekends. During longer breaks such as winter and spring break students may need to leave their devices at school for a damage check and device updates if needed.

Can I refuse an iPad for my child(ren) or require them to leave it at school?
An iPad is considered a necessary school supply for Hockinson Middle and High School. Students will be expected to have them at school, fully-charged, each day and take them home at night to complete homework and class projects. We do not have storage space at school to accommodate school storage of assigned devices. Some class textbooks are located on the iPad as well as applications for functions such as typing assignments, researching, communicating with teachers and classmates and producing demonstrations of learning. Specific uses of the iPad will be up to individual classroom teachers while at school and up to parent discretion at other times.  If you are not comfortable with your student using their iPad at home, please work with their teachers to come up with reasonable alternatives.

Do I have to provide internet access at home for the iPad?
Parents will not be required to provide internet access at home. Teachers will make a reasonable effort to provide alternate assignments and procedures for students without internet access at home. Students may need to talk to their teachers if they feel unable to complete their homework because they do not have Internet access outside of school.

Why I am being asked to create an Apple ID for my 6th or 7th grader?
With the new system we have in place to distribute apps, all users in grades 6-12 are required to have an Apple ID. We use school provided email accounts to create new Apple IDs for all students. With students under the age of 13, parents are asked to help create this account and accept the terms of service on behalf of their student. You can visit this website for more information about this process: http://www.apple.com/education/it/appleid/.  This approval process requires an email account. Please contact the school if you do not have an email account on file.

What types of security procedures are in place to protect my child(ren) from inappropriate material and distracting applications (apps) such as games?
All Internet access in Hockinson school district is filtered to block out mature content as required by federal law. Wireless networks used by the iPads are filtered the same way physical computers are filtered when students log in. Though we cannot make any guarantee that students will never encounter objectionable material, we make every effort to prevent this using filters as well as educating students on appropriate use and providing supervision. We 

Student iPads have special management software installed to monitor and notify the technology department if unauthorized apps are installed. Other special security restrictions are enabled on the devices as well. All apps on the device are chosen by district educators for the purposes of research, analysis, synthesis of information, communication, gathering feedback from all students, production of learning artifacts including text and multimedia, extra practice, extensions of learning, and other educational purposes. Unlike typical personal use of mobile devices, district-owned iPads are set up and used educationally rather than for entertainment. Students are not permitted to install applications (apps) except those in the App Catalog at any time!  As detailed on the Acceptable Use Policy for iPads, installing apps will lead to temporary confiscation of the device so apps can be removed by district technology staff. School discipline procedures will also apply.

It is important to periodically check your student's device for games or other material that is not school appropriate or does not meet your family standards for acceptable content.

What about apps that I prefer not be on my student's device?
We understand that our families have different levels of comfort with technology. In general the apps on the iPads are all apps that we use at school for educational purposes. It is difficult to customize the apps on individual devices, but do have the ability in specific cases.  Below is some information about apps that we have questions about more frequently than others:
* Newsstand - This app is one that Apple installs by default on all devices. It is primarily connected to the app store. The newsstand store is accessible by students whenever the app store is enabled. Students are not permitted to download any magazines.
* Facebook and Twitter - These apps are not installed on student devices. Social Networking sites like these are also blocked on our district network and so are not available at school. One exception to this is student's who are using the data plans on their cell phones to access and post to social media sites. Using data plans is not permitted at school (as per board policy 3245) as it provides internet access to students that is not filtered at all. However, it is very difficult for us to find these violations unless a problem is reported.

Is the Internet always filtered for inappropriate content on the iPad even when it is not at school?
Yes, the district has filtering enabled on iPads regardless of the wireless network that students are on, whether at school or not!

There are several options if internet use at home is a concern for families:
  • You can decide not to allow the iPad to have access to the internet outside of school at all. If you have wireless internet at home, make sure that you password protect your network and you can choose not to give this password to your student. Internet providers will often walk you through this process if you are not sure how to do it yourself.  If internet access is needed for a specific use, you can enter the password yourself and then make the iPad "forget this network" to remove access when the project is complete.
  • Have a conversation with your student about what types of uses are acceptable in your family whether they are at home or in another location.
  • Set up clear and immediate consequences for not following the rules. If you need to remove Internet privileges temporarily you can ask your student to turn on airplane mode (found in Settings on the top left side). When airplane mode is on, the internet is off. An airplane icon appears at the top of the iPad screen in the top left corner. You can monitor this icon to be sure airplane mode remains on as you requested when they do need to use the device for homework.
  • You can contact your Internet provider and find out what options you have for limiting the content coming into your home or your ability to turn on and off the internet easily as you choose. You can also subscribe to services that allow you to set up your own personal filters.
  • You can limit your student's access to the device by requiring the device to be used in a supervised location like at the kitchen table or counter during dinner preparation and/or stored in an easily visible location like a table or bookcase or moved into a parent's bedroom at night.
What about the possibilities for Cyberbullying?
Bullying, harassing, or intentionally humiliating students, staff, or community members using digital tools is called cyberbullying and will not be tolerated in Hockinson School District. Cyberbullying is handled with the same disciplinary processes as in-person bullying. Please refer to student handbooks, district policy, or consult school administration for specific details on these processes. Students will be intentionally educated on appropriate communication using digital tools and reporting suspected or confirmed incidents of cyberbullying.

What happens if my student breaks their iPad or if it is stolen?
Hockinson makes the Hockinson Assurance Program (HAP) available to families to help defray the cost of damage to the iPad.  Please see the documents area for specific details about this voluntary program. HAP is run completely in-district rather than through an outside insurance program as we had during the 2013-2014 school year.  All basic repairs will be done by district technology staff which allows us to reduce the costs to families, while still assuring that the iPads are kept functional for future use.

In the case of a stolen device, please report the incident to the school immediately. The district uses a security system that can pinpoint the location of the device in most cases and remotely deactivate it. If the device is not located or recovered, the family will need to file a police report if the theft occurred outside of school. A copy of the report should be submitted to the school office so a replacement device can be issued. Please request a copy of serial number and other information from the school before filing the police report. iPads stolen at school will be investigated and handled by district staff. The district will file a police report as needed in this instance.

Lost iPads will incur a $150 fee if the family participated in HAP.  The student will be ineligible to re-enroll in HAP again during this school year.

If a family chooses not to participate in HAP, they will be fully financially responsible for all repairs and/or replacement of the device if it becomes necessary.

What do the iPads cost for families?
HAP Enrollment: $30 per device

**If you have need of financial assistance please speak to a school principal or counselor with whom you would feel comfortable discussing this issue.
**Families with more than 2 students at the Middle and High School combined will only be required to pay for HAP for the first two students. Other students in the family who have an iPad to take home will be covered at no cost. Signed paperwork must be submitted for all students however!  There is a place to indicate if you have already paid for two of your students.

iPad Fines - assigned to students only in the case of damage or loss, malfunctioning items will be replaced by the school:

Replacement iPad case $30
Replacement power brick $10
Replacement USB/lightning cable $10
Deleting unauthorized apps or redoing required security settings $5/incident
Vandalism of Device - cost depends on damage to device

How can I make sure my student's work is saved in case the device is stolen or accidentally reset?
Work completed in the Microsoft apps (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) backs up automatically to OneDrive when connected to the Internet.  OneDrive is part of your student's email account and can be accessed by logging into their email online.  Go to http://www.hocksd.org and click on Staff/Student Links > Email to login from any computer.
Have them keep a portfolio of work in Evernote - Evernote backs up to the web and all items will download on any device when they sign in to Evernote on a different or new device. They can take screen shots of work and store it in Evernote or just complete assignments in that app directly.

The Notes app should be backing up to each student's email account if the Mail app is set up correctly with their school email account. The notes should download onto the device when the student signs into the mail app with their email account. They should also be able to see the notes if they login to their email account online. The notes area is near the bottom of the list that has inbox, sent items, junk email, etc...

Anything students have emailed to themselves or to a teacher will be searchable in their email account (either in the inbox or the sent mail area). This is easier to find when logging into email on the internet or through the mail apps. Even if the mail doesn't show up on the iPad it is still probably in the email account online. Not all the mail stays on the iPad forever in order to not use up the limited memory on the device, but email is typically saved in your student's account for much longer!

Anything saved in Dropbox or Google Drive is backed up to the Internet and accessible from different or new devices. As a school we will not be asking kids to create their own account for either of these products without parent permission, however if they already have an account or a parent does give permission, they can use the account on their iPad and move work into it as needed. 

Any work moved to their Edmodo backpack (file storage that is part of their Edmodo account) or turned in to a teacher on Edmodo should still be stored on Edmodo for them to find.