Highly Capable Program

We will be CogAt testing students on the following days (in ES library):
Feb. 24th: Grades 1 & 2
Feb. 27th, Grades 3, 4 and 5
2016-17 Nomination, Screening, Assessment and Selection 

Nomination and Screening - January
Assessment - February
Selection - April

January 3, 2017

We are now beginning to collect information from parents who feel their child could benefit from the Highly Capable Program. The selection process includes an examination of data from standardized test scores: Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), STAR, teacher recommendations and parent nomination. The District’s Multidisciplinary Committee will examine data to determine eligibility. If your child was tested for this program last year and did not meet qualifications, re-testing is an option that is open to you. Please be advised, however, that significant changes in performance on the CogAT from year to year are not typical.  Students that have already taken the test twice will not be tested again.
Hockinson School District will continue serving identified High Cap students in grades 1st - 12th fro the 2017-18 school year .

Qualifying students have the option of participating with a group of similar students within a classroom at their grade level.

Parents who feel their child would be a likely candidate for this program are encouraged to apply. The program handbook and the application form are available here. The Application/Permission, Nomination and Parent/Teacher Rating forms must be completed and returned to your student’s school office no later than January 23rd to be reviewed for consideration.

Testing will occur the week of February 13th-24th.

Program Description

The Hockinson School District Highly Capable program addresses the social, intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of gifted students.  It is District wide and committed to augmenting the development of each student's unique potential through accelerated learning and enhanced instruction.  Students experience a differentiated curriculum which challenges them to think analytically, logically, and creatively as they solve problems, make decisions and explore their own interests.  Classrooms are stimulating environments where expression of ideas is encouraged, positive risk-taking is valued, and collaboration with peers is facilitated.  It is a program in which administrators, teachers, students, and parents share responsibilities for the highly capable child’s education.

The Highly Capable Program is a state grant funded program that requires the district to meet all guidelines provided in Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 392-170. It supports the district philosophy by recognizing that highly capable students in the Hockinson School District have unique values, needs, and talents. 

 Highly Capable Student Definition

(WAC 392-170-035) Highly capable students are students who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with others of their age, experiences, or environments. Outstanding abilities are seen within students' general intellectual aptitudes, specific academic abilities, and/or creative productivities within a specific domain. These students are present not only in the general populace, but are present within all protected classes according to chapters 28A.640 and 28A.642 RCW.